Hello world!

dean cameronSo… after flipping past Hollywood Palms, rehabilitation Hi-Life, Sleep With Me, Kicking and Screaming and State of Emergency, you stayed up late watching Men at Work, Ski School II – Electric Boogaloo, Miracle Beach or Summer School for the three hundreth time on HBO and you thought to yourself, “Hey. That Guy… Wonder what he’s doing.” You googled me and, after realizing that I wasn’t a senator in Idaho or a record executive in Canada, you found yourself here. Find out even more. Perhaps too much. Maybe not enough. Enjoy. That’s all I aks of you. Yes, I did write my own code, you geek.

This will change your life! Dean Cameron – VO Reel

Here’s the most recent cut reel. Below are scenes wot need to be added!

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

video width=”426″ height=”240″ flv=”http://www.deancameron.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/deancameron-reel.flv”]

instant mom|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VELj4uH932s
Hi NBC/Universal! Psych!


The Southland!

The Glee!

The Shameless!


The Instant Mom!

this is old code…

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