COREYOKE is a Live Karaoke Band (that’s Karaoke with a live band – Guitar, Bass & Drums) playing over 150 hits from the 50s hits to current chart topping Pop, Rock and R&B. ¬†Coreyoke are as enthusiastic playing “HOTLINE BLING” as ¬†they are unleashing “HOUND DOG.”

COREYOKE play the official arrangements of each song and use the latest technology to SCROLL LYRICS ON-SCREEN in time with the music. No fumbling with lyric sheets or wondering if the band has decided to insert a seven minute bass solo in your favorite song. The lyrics scrolling on the video monitor and arrangements played by the band are the same ones you know from the radio or your amazing 8-Track Tape collection.

Originally formed in the early “00’s” as a wig wearing Karaoke band specializing in 80’s hits, COREYOKE have played corporate shows across the United States as well as multi-year residencies in bars & restaurants in the Los Angeles area.

COREYOKE have been playing Wednesday nights at The Basement Tavern in Santa Monica since 2015 and the 1st Thursday of every month at Residuals in Studio City since 2012.

The members of COREYOKE have decades of musical experience between them and are equally at home on an arena stage or packed into the corner of a tiny pub.

You can get Coreyoke to play your event. It’s only money! email booking at coreyoke.com

You can download the song list HERE